UX Design

User needs, user path analytics, behaviour studies, brainstorming, sketching and prototyping.

Numerous criteria are essential to create a high-quality app, but the aim of your application, before any other elements, is the user. The User experence design intended solely to satisfy the user in the most pleasant way possible, so that it is fully satisfied with his experience.


Given that principle Neopixl included in all stages of the design process a user-centered logic., starting at the earliest stages of the project by defining who your users. Thanks to your information and our experience we will be able to offer you a clear and effective interface.

Various media will be used to shape our interfaces:

  1. the first mock-up paper which we can quickly define the navigation logic
  2. Then comes the interface by using wireframe that will allow you to have a better understanding of the interface on supported platforms.
  3. The rest of the steps following an incremental process to bring progressively more and more details to the interface, interactive wireframe, graphic design, interactive prototype ...



Even when the development phase starts the process is user centric through integration of AB testing in the early versions of test. These versions published to testers of your choice allow to obtain significant user feedback on the ergonomics of the application: that will allow us to refine in an agile way interfaces. In addition we use automated interface tests to test the robustness of the product on various terminals throughout the development phase.



Thanks to our offer AppCare even when we delivered you the application we continue to monitor user behavior. Every ends of month you will receive a detailed report of the use of your application and our recommendations to improve the user experience, both in terms of navigation, performance or even on marketing aspects.

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