Mobile Application strategy, launching materials and mobile marketing components.

We are in a changing world, the mobile always brings us one more step into the Internet, and the border between the physical world and the digital is reduced. A business does not exist without the Internet today, and a modern business will not meet success without a real mobile strategy.

Thanks to a strong experience in mobility, Neopixl is able to gain your business and to guide your in marketing for mobile purpose. We always take the time to analyze the digital environment of our customers to determine that the mobile could make your business better. We strive to not miss any of your internal environment, your tools, your structure, your network architecture, but also of your external environment as your audience, your market, your competitors, the context of use of your products and services and before all your users.

This advanced analysis allows us to deduce the best approach to do with mobile technology to suit your needs. Whether driven ROI, e-reputation, acquisition or mobile To store. Your competitive positioning, strengths and weaknesses, your customers and users of the sensitivity to mobile technologies will enable us to develop an effective deployment strategy for your mobile project meets the expected success from its inception and online at throughout his life.

The deployment of a mobile application is an extremely important phase the project, so that it takes place in the best possible conditions, we attach a special attention to the content linked to your application on the store. We provide you with quality screenshots, demo videos and text content optimizing the positioning of your application in stores.

Although effective, the store data is not sufficient to optimize the launch of an application to the fullest. It is also necessary to deploy a wide range of items with the online publication: mini site, promotional banner, banner for social networking, as much editorial content that will encourage the download of the application.

We can provide a solution for every need, whether it concerns a native application on one or more platforms, a hybrid application or mobile site, responsive and even adaptive-design. We can support our customers back office solutions to accurately manage the contents of your mobile product. Of course, we will always be here helping you to make the best choices about available techniques, in order to keep maximum coherence with your target audience.

Whether your application has an informative, functional or commercial intend, many technologies can enrich the user experience so you can get a secure grip. Mobile payment, push notification, ibeacon, NFC, QR code are technologies that can grow your digital business, and take a step ahead. We also have different advertising solutions, banner, video, interstitial and in-feedes ads to monetize your project quickly.