Custom developments

We provide development expertise on mobile and web platforms, to build appropriate software solution with a focus on high performance and reliability.

A mobile solution is not just a mobile app, it consists of two parts: a "client" side and a server side.

The "client" side is what the users actually see and interact with: it is the mobile app in itself. During the development process we constantly have in mind that the user's feedback is essential to grow an audience and reach the sales and marketing targets. If the user experiences a crash during the first few minutes after app installation, he will inevitably sentence the app with a negative comment on the stores. This will cause the exact opposite effect you look for your brand. To avoid this situation, we carefully select the members of our team. Everyone in the team has a solid background in development. In addition, we constantly check the quality of our development by writing automated tests at different levels: unit tests, integration tests, functional tests.



The server side is the central processing unit of the serice provided to the user. It also guarantees that the data are reachable anytime and anywhere by the user. Building a fast and scalable server is anything but a simple task. We have the guys in Neopixl that have a successful experience in building such servers. Our team has built huge web sites with very high traffic loads in France and Luxembourg. We are sometimes asked to check the performance of some critical servers and propose solutions to circumvent the problems raised during our tests. 

We are renowned in Luxembourg as being quality software makers.

Or you can simply outsource your whole mobile department to Neopixl.

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