Mobile app developer

You are a maverick developer or you think hybrid apps can cure cancer? Move along ... this position is not for you.

Work as part of a small team to develop and produce exceptional mobile software through skilled and careful coding of our clients’ apps or Neopixl’s own apps. In this role you will work with a Front End Developer, allowing you to focus on back-end and infrastructure development.

We’re a young startup backed by an experienced board, looking to grow a team of enthusiastic, friendly, hard working people. A flexible, hands-on approach is essential in all areas and a proactive, measured, and well-ordered approach is a significant benefit. This is a unique opportunity to join a passionate team, develop your skills, establish yourself and contribute in an exciting environment. This is not just a job, it’s a chance to turn your passion into great products.

Required skills 

  • Objective-C, Java, Android, Cocoa-Touch, iOS SDK, XML, JSON.
  • Existing experience of iOS, Java, PHP, MySQL/SQL, Linux administration experience, Javascript, Google.
  • Primarily responsible for iOS programming.
  • Focus on iPhone, iPad and Android development with supporting web services.
  • Planning, developing, testing, delivering and supporting new and existing projects.
  • Clearly documenting code with comments as well as creating, and updating, documentation for structure, methods, credentials and APIs (or similar).
  • Creating clean, compliant code and ensuring an exceptional user experience.
  • An exceptional app developer, with existing experience.
  • You take immense pride in your work, never satisfied with ‘good enough’.
  • Obsessively optimise your code for the best possible performance.

Appreciated personality

  • A concrete wish to work in team 
  • Local or keen to move to Luxembourg.
  • A self-starter, motivated by your own desire to do exceptional work, not micro-management.
  • Determined, and able, to meet and beat deadlines.
  • Willing to work startup hours from time to time as necessary and benefit from more flexibility to balance work and private life
  • Sociable, good verbal and written communication skills. English skills required.
  • Personable, happy and confident working with clients and providing support
  • Excited to try new things, research and develop your skills and knowledge, keeping you on the cutting edge of your craft.
  • Apple Fanboy/Fangirl — not a requirement but you’ll find yourself in good company here.